The Sabbath: In His Presence


On Saturday, August 8th, Barbara L. Peacock Ministries had the awesome opportunity to present The Sabbath: In His Presence, a spirit-filled experience with our Heavenly Father.  We experienced anointed teaching and preaching, challenging us to spend time with the Father and “fan the flame”!

Here are some thoughts from some of the women who participated:

“The Word of God was rich and God was present.”  –Participant


“I’m so full of love, joy and peace!! Christ in me!! Yesterday and today have been powerful…I have fire…shut up in my bones…and everywhere I’ve gone people have called me blessed and I have blessed them! To God be the glory…thanks for staying connected!! We’ve got to “fan the flame!” …Mom says Hi!! She’s told all of her friends about The Sabbath…”  — Participant


“Today God you moved within me…Today God you poured into me…Today God your revelation became more clear to me.

Today God you moved within me.. Today your spirit dwelt in me.. It moved to provide holy ground for me…. It moved to clarify enlarging my territory. It moved the songs within my heart. Today you shared with me on getting to the good part.

Today God you moved within me…

Today my shoes don’t mean so much… Today cooking in the kitchen is not so important… Today praises and songs are part of my worship..

Today being with you and not just doing you are what it’s all about.

Today God you moved, you moved, you moved within me!!!”   —Min. Patricia Proby


“First, I cannot thank you enough for your persistence over the years. However, God’s timing is everything. What an awesome time on Saturday! I came open and ready to receive an awesome move of God and God more than exceeded everyone’s expectations.”  –Elder Gwen Cohen


“New Mercies we see Today!

I want to say again how much I enjoyed the Conference!  I am Renewed, Re-Committed and RESTED.

I want to say thank you for the “soul care”.  After hearing the exciting testimonies of so many about the “soul care” you have given to them, I know I am in “GOOD HANDS WITH YOU”!  I truly thank God for this blessing.

I pray that you have been able to again have a Sabbath In His Presence especially after all the hard work you and your Team put into the Conference.”  –Wanda Jones