Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Rev. Dr. Billy Graham, Barbara Lewis Peacock Ministries (BLP) would like to express our deepest condolences to all who love Billy Graham. Dr. Graham served God whole heartedly for many years, proclaiming the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Many heard the message, “Jesus loves you,” because of his boldness in extending Christ to all he encountered.
Although there is sadness in our hearts, we also have great joy knowing he lived a life of service and is now with his Precious Savior. Each life he touched will allow his legacy to live on in the hearts of millions for years to come.
The gathering of United Praying Women hosted by BLP Ministries, is blessed to share with women from all walks of life. We are grateful we had the opportunity to host prayer assemblies at the Billy Graham Evangelical Center here in Charlotte, NC. Each time we gathered, women of God came to seek God in this facility. We were blessed beyond measure because we spiritually joined with numerous others who labored before us. It gives us immense joy to continue this legacy of reaching countless others by proclaiming Christ, praying for souls, churches, leaders, communities, families, government, the nation, the world and so much more.

Thank you, Dr. Graham. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family today for the many days, weeks and months to follow. May God continue to richly bless and comfort all who love you so dearly.

In His Service Together,
Rev. Dr. Barbara L. Peacock

BLP Ministries
United Praying Women

Soul Care in African American Practice

As we prayerfully embark, emerge and travel into 2020 we must be mindful to leave past decades of baggage behind. In order to effectively travel into this decade internal and external cleansing, purging, and eliminating must occur.

All altars in the mind and self righteousness must be destroyed. All pillars of ideologies and private interpretations must be dispossessed. All images that satisfy the lust of the flesh and that please selfish ambitions must no longer exist. Yes, this is a tall order. But with the Spirit’s help all things are possible.

It is a process and will not happen instantaneously. He will guide the process and show the way of simplicity, decluttering, cleansing, yielding, belonging and not belonging, what to have and what not to have…letting go…. and let’s not forget resting.

Seeking Him leads to the path of sacred living that purifies the path for authentic service and worship. Enjoy the journey of 2020 and beyond.
With much love I pray, care and share #soulcare.