I Remember Mama In A Happy Way

On New Year’s Eve 1997 my mother called our house phone. I remember like yesterday sitting on the side of the bed speaking to her. Gilbert and I were preparing to go to watch night service at University Park Baptist Church. With great joy and enthusiasm I said, “mama  I will call you back.” How reasonable did that sound. We were preparing to go to “church” and I would politely call her back as promised. Little did I know that this would be the last time I would hear the voice of mother, Sarah Pollyanne Peacock Lewis.  

The the first day of January 1998 passed by, then the second day passed. I remember the telephone ringing about 2:35 in the AM of January 3rd, 2018. It was our neighbor Sylvia. She said, Barbara your mother is gone.” I said, “what?’ She said, “your mother is gone.” I said, “gone where?” She said she passed. I was like “oh no, oh my God.” Then Sylvia began to tell me what happened and that when the paramedics came they could not resuscitate her. She said, “can you call your sister Tabitha?” Of course I would. So in obedience, I called my big sister and repeated the words of our dear neighbor. “Tabitha, mama is gone.” I told her that paramedics could not help our precious mother. Tabitha said, “you just call them back and see what they can do?” And of course I followed the instructions of my big sister. 

Mama was surely at peace in heaven enjoying her journey.

Today marks 22 years since mama went home to be with the Lord. For years I longed to see her. I remember how I longed to see her in a dream or even in a vision, but nothing happened. Then I had a dream where I entered into a sitting area into a mobile home. Upon entering this living space I saw two ladies sitting on a long beige couch. In the dream I was so excited, I said to myself, “I finally have the opportunity of seeing our mother. I was ecstatic. As I approached the sofa I notice that the lady had on a little black scrunchy cap with the pleats in front like the one mama use to wear. With great joy I found my way over to the country sofa. Upon my arrival I reached for the hand of the lady sitting on the sofa, but to much dismay the ladies hands were not my mama’s. Boy, was I tremendously disappointed. I reluctantly touched her hand, then I immediately let it go, saying to her, “you are not my mother!” These were not the hands of our precious mother. After that dream I still desired  to experience a more accurate dream of her presence. Unfortunately, I never had a mother dream again until the wee hours of the morning today, Jan. 3rd 2020. 

Yes, I know 2020 vision may sound a bit cliche but I saw her more clearly in 2020 dream than in the 1998 one. Last night I finally began to settle down around 1:00 AM. After drifting off I dreamed that I was at the old home place in Bladen county. Our humble house was not painted, it just had the natural wood stained. Even though we did not have the modern conveniences of running water and an indoor bathroom, we did have Jesus. Our home was built by our grandfather, Richard Peacock. This farm home was on approximately 100 acres of land, had 4 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen; and a beautiful wrap around porch. In the dream this morning I remember mama in the kitchen preparing food. After her preparation, I would take the food and give it to our guest who were sitting in the rocking chairs on the front porch. I kept going back from the rugged porch to obtain food.  In the humble kitchen (with a wood stave and gas stove) Mama would load me down until my arms were overflowing and food was falling out of my arms. During the last trip I made in the dream, she said now go and do it. In other words go and do what God called you to do. Even now I can feel the encouragement in my spirit. I can hear her voice.  And  I say, “mama, I am going to do it to the best of my humble ability.” Thanks for the affirmation and the push. To God be the glory!